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Need help with google html meta tag verification method

When adding Google verificaiton code in the verification’s area under Analytics tab it shows up differently online …

Is this a bug and is it broken in Google’s eyes or is it OK?

adding " />"> at end instead of " /> what do I do ?

thank you Bruceo

Hi @bruceo,

I would use the html meta tag verification method and clear the value you have used in the analytics tab.

See this article to get the html tag verification method:

Get that tag then paste into the head of your site, save changes and republish.

After that, use google to check for the html meta tag by typing in the site url.

I hope this helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to assist further :slight_smile:

Additional note, it looks like you already are using the html meta tag verification method. Copy that whole tag from the analytics tab, and then paste that into the head of your site settings, republish and then check again :slight_smile:

After verification, you can then remove the html meta tag.

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