How to set up Google Analytics

Hello, to insert a custom code (google analytics) in all the pages at once, I put it in the custom code of the project and when I need to put it in only one page I put it inside the configuration of the page, custom code. Right?

You’re right! This is exactly how it works :slight_smile:

Thank you! Uh! Brazil in the Cup…rs!!!

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For some custom code you may have to set it in the project settings even if you’re using it on only one page. Some codes need to load with the website itself in order to work.

Is not working. I am putting the google analytic codes:

Google Tag Manager

Code that should be implemented next to opening the tag :


Code that should be implemented immediately after opening the tag:

And More

Google Search Console

Copy the following meta tag and paste it on the home page of your site. It should be placed in the section, before the first section.

The search console tag worked.

Gtm is giving error…

Did you take look at this?