Google Search Console Doesn't Fetch Sitemap File

Hello - having an issue where Google Search Conlsole returns a “couldn’t fetch” status when trying to submit my sitemap URL. First webflow site, so not sure if there’s an issue here.

Read only: Webflow - Kineticist

Hi Colin, welcome to the forum.

Looks like you have it setup fine, I can see it on your version;

Check your live domain, whatever that is, and make sure you’re submitting the correct URL to GSC for indexing. You should be good. Sometimes I see GSC give an error and you just resubmit to clear it up.

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fwiw if anyone else is experiencing this problem, I have so far only been able to resolve it by using a 3rd party service to generate an xml file and copying that code to the custom sitemap.xml field in the editor, then turning auto-generate sitemap off.

No, no problems, and changing your sitemap.xml to a manual one just makes your life harder. It doesn’t change how or where Google’s fetching it.

Usually on Google Search Console I have to tell it to retry once, regardless of who or where the site is being hosted.