Google Search Console Error "Page with redirect

Hello everyone, I need some help with my Google Search Console Settings.

This is the configuration that we have right now for our website:

We use CloudFlare, so the DNS is setup through there:

And in webflow, we have the www website as default


(It says issues detected but it is working fine, we have proxy ON in Cloudflare to handle our redirects from old blog paths to the new format we have. The SSL is off in Webflow and Cloudflare deals with it.)

Our problem is on Google Search Console, I have our domain property setup fine, and Google insists in this error:

Basically we have that amount of non-www pages in our website that are redirecting to our www page, which I thought was a common behavior since on Webflow we have the www page as default.

Has anyone gone through something similar?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Joao, zoom into the details on some of those examples to find specific cases, they will help you diagnose the issue. GSC provides excellent detail on most errors if you tunnel into the specifics of the report.

I have a suspicion that because you’ve disabled SSL, the sitemap likely has the entries as http:. Since you’re reverse proxying the site, your public view is https:.

Net result, you’re handling Google a sitemap where every link redirects.

If my guess is right, then-

  • I build alternative configurations on Cloudflare that work alongside Webflow’s SSL, which would give you a correctly SSL’d sitemap. Contact me if you need that built.
  • Manually create your sitemap to match your r-proxy.
  • R-proxy your sitemap and modify it dynamically to your needs.

Hello Michael, thanks for the reply.

You were right, thank you. Once I turned my Webflow SSL OFF so I could have proxy ON in Cloudflare, the sitemap went all to http://.

Thanks for the options, I went with your first idea and was able to build a worker to handle that for me and rewrite the sitemap on the server side.

Very appreciated @memetican !!!

@memetican question for you, would you try to add to that worker solution a way to add the hreflang of each page in your sitemap? Can you give me any insights if you have done this in the past?

My website does have 3 different languages and it was done prior to Webflow localization

Yes, I’ve built that before.

However it would be a pain if your paths are localized, because you’d need a lookup table for every page+locale to construct your sitemap.