Help with canonical URL for homepage?

So, to start with I just want to be my main domain and this is already listed in Google and has been for a few months. However, on my Google Search Console I am receiving the error “page with redirect” and in here it shows the three alternative versions of my homepage URL (screenshot below)

I have set up my conical settings from the Webflow settings page as you can see in the screenshot below. What is the best way to progress here? I don’t really want these links in my search console and also would like to remove this error from my Google search console. Any help is greatly appreciated!

It’s possible to have a naked domain as your primary however your DNS must have support for CNAME flattening. The details and documentation links are on page with your website settings.

Currently you do not have it setup that way, you have as your default domain.

Therefore everything redirects there, just as GSC is indicating.
Anything http: will redirect to https:
Anything will redirect to

Your canonical is correct for your setup but that has nothing to do with redirects or what you’re seeing in GSC.

Hi @memetican I really appreciate your help and information on this.
Looking at the way I have this setup would you advise keeping as is, or is there a better way to achieve this?

I would recommend updating to as your root domain. It’s usually the best option. Your google rankings should not be affected by this.

Hi @felix_hellstrom - I appreciate your advice here, I am getting this error. Have I misunderstood something? TIA

yes it should be then you should also make your www domain default under Publishing setttings in webflow

Hi @felix_hellstrom, sorry I continue to be confused here (apologies as this is not my forté).
So my canonical is but does not match my default domain under publishing. What would my default domain need to be in publishing, I had attempted to add but was unable too? I will attach a screenshot below so you can view each of my currently setup domain in m publishing settings.

Really appreciate your help here!

Hi Mahon, yes you have it correct. is your default domain, that’s correct.

Therefore is your global canonical setting.

Perfect thank you @memetican!