Google Search Console cannot read Webflow Sitemap

Google Search Console cannot crawl my Webflow sitemap:

  • I have the default domain set as the www version
  • We set up the DNS according to Webflow’s instructions
  • I have no special settings in the SEO section
  • No redirects that I can see in the Webflow settings

Any advice?

Hi @Tristan_Adlington, thanks for your post. There should be a reason why the sitemap is not being indexed, it might be there was already a noindex setting on the domain at some point either through a noindex as a meta tag or previously used with the domain hosting on another service with the robots.txt set to disallow indexing.

I can see that the sitemap is accessible on the site at the correct url and there are no other directives which are published by Webflow to prevent the site from indexing.

I have heard in the past that this may resolve in a matter of days, you might find it helpful to check another post about this topic: Published site unable to fetch by google (godaddy domain)

I would also maybe republish the site to make sure that all dashboard settings have been published.

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