Google Seacher Console gets confused with canonical URLs

I’m having a serious problem with Google indexing, which is picking up a different canonical URL than the one I initially set for indexing, and the pages have nothing in common.


Someone can help me?

Your canonical and sitemap look fine.

If the domain was used elsewhere previously GSC could be working on cached information. The best you can do is follow up on GSC error reporting, ask it to re-index your site, etc.

I’ve requested reindexing several times, but different problems keep appearing. I searched the internet for videos and possible solutions, but they all do something similar to the Webflow tutorial video on publishing to Google. And yet, I still have errors popping up on my screen.

You can click into them to determine specific details, and then resolve anything that needs resolving. Most won’t.

However the “google selected canonical” one needs fixed. I suspect Google won’t index those pages until it sorts out that point of confusion.