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Hello :slight_smile:

My Problem is that the pagespeedscore of my website is still kind of bad, although i`ve already tried to change some common faults like too big images or tidy up the assets and css classes in webflow…

I hope somebody can help me^^

Here is a screenshot of the score (mobile) :

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Sawayo

Hi Patricia,

From a first look, I can see that a few images are very large in size.

Also, Google is giving more and more relevance to accessibility features. By clicking the rectangle icon bottom-left (as shown below), you can see the issues in each of your pages and solve them :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 13.26.34

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FYI: I blocked Google Webfonts and got a 71 on your page (mobile).

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Oh thats interesting, can you explain how i can block it ?

You can use DevTools ( Google Chrome) in a browser and block access to network resources. This is helpful when trying to pinpoint issues or performance problems. Information about devtools is Chrome is available online. Chrome DevTools | Google Developers

Choices you make in design effect performance. This is an example.

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