How do I get better score on Google PageSpeed Insights

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I’m trying to make my website load faster, but whatever I do, I can’t seem to get a better score.

  1. Webflow doesn’t seem to make smaller images for mobile devices.
  2. I have no idea what to do about the “Total blocking time”.

Would anyone be able to tell me if there’s anything I can to do speed up the website?
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The website link:
Here is my site Read-Only:

There are plenty of topics here in the forums on this subject which you can find by using the search function.

I’m back in the office tomorrow so will take a look and try to advise what to do… :relaxed:

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I have also been looking into the page speed score, but I have a weird delay on my loading it seems, like a 5-6 second lag on all my pages. But can’t find what causes it. It seems once the lag is over everything is instant.

On this screen shot, it looks like the section around 6000ms is holding back the entire first print?

I’ve checked font’s and some of the ussual stuff that affects page speed but have never ran into the weird lag, ussualy it all slowly gets loaded, not waits and then all of it is loaded at once? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Live Site:

Read Only:

Edit: We had a google Google Optimize tag that was causing the issue, any idea why that would cause a 5 second delay on the page load? @webdev

The problem is that every topic has the same answers. Of course, we compress images and everything but is the Webflow team can clarify it once and for all ?? If the problem can’t be resolved just say it, please.

Even if my website is nude the difference is huge between mobile and desktop. So what ?? Is that because of how Webflow is made or it is the Analysis that sucks??

I read you had near the same results on one of your websites 90/90? How have you done it because I tried many ways on different websites and I always get that huge difference even for nude websites?

The fact is there are dozens of topics and youtube videos but there is no one who answers properly.

Hi @Khalilwebdesign - Quick FYI - I don’t work for webflow in case you thought I might. Just a community leader and forum member with lots of experience.

Performance tuning requires dealing with the unique build that each project is. Rarely are any two the same. That makes it hard to hand out a list that would work for everyone.

Basic rule of thumb is controlling the image sizes, limit the use of video unless using a lightbox, be careful about adding third party scripts, limit the DOM size (number of elements). Remember that background images don’t get responsive treatment, choose to use images with img-cover instead and watch that you don’t overuse independent animations. And a big one, limit fonts to a couple of pairings and upload them to your project.

Performance tuning is really hard work. I spend hours optimizing the sites I build to squeeze the best possible performance out of the things I can control. There are other things I can’t on Webflow and that is just how it is. If a client wants better than that then I offer custom builds and hosting where I control all aspects of the delivery. I can then pull of super high scores and the best user experience for end users.

The best performance and analysis tool is your browser devtools. You can block scripts and assets from loading and test in lighthouse (chromium builds) to see the affect. Performance measurements can be tested, and builds compared. Unfortunately for many this is beyond their skillsets. All of it is well documented, it’s just complicated and deep. You have to get into the weeds.

It’s not realistic for me to try to analyze forum projects site performance because It takes to much effort and I have no control over testing or deployment. Doing so would leave me with no room for paying clients. Besides, it is a valuable service that should be paid for since the benefits apply to every visitor, conversions, and SEO results of the site. Hope you find a way to get the level of performance you expect. Cheers.


Webflow can do a much better job at getting their sites to perform better on page speed analytics. We make wordpress sites as well as webflow sites, even on sites that we don’t hand code, that have pretty horrendous template code, tons of requests, huge images, etc… we can install a plugin to quickly bring mobile score from the 60s to the 90s. So it can be done programmatically Webflow just isn’t doing a great job of it.

For what it’s worth, here is my experience with trying to find where the issues are when it comes to PageSpeed Insights.

Overall this site is pretty optimised - all images as compressed as possible, other than GTM, nothing but stock webflow js, animations etc. Relatively few and simple animations, overall pretty simple layouts. Hosted with Webflow.

As-is currently it’s typically around 62 - not completely horrible, but far from ideal

Removing every single animation, that pushes up the score by a couple points to 65 - so those have little impact

If I remove every single image from the page, it reaches 70-73 - good but not a massive improvement and not one that is acceptable for real world

On the same page without images, animations etc, if I remove the font that is being loaded from Google Web Fonts (DM Sans, only 2 weights), that pushes the score into the upper 85-88

At this point I’m effectively out of all options for what can be optimised on the page. There is just one thing left - Google Tag Manager. On this site it’s not overly heavily used, is mostly there for GA4, Adsense conversion linker, and Google Optimize.

Now if I entirely remove GTM from this page (after all other changes above), it takes me from mid-high 80s, to 97. Keeping GTM but excluding the Optimize tag typically yields only a 1 point difference for me)

Taking the same page that was at the start scoring 62 at the start and only removing GTM from it, takes it to 84 without any other changes.

So effectively using Google’s own product (GTM) alone, produces as big of a hit on performance on Google’s own performance test (which does contribute to search rankings even if slightly), as virtually every other change that a user can make to optimise their site.

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can you please let me know how i can remove GTM from page