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Google MyBusiness Website Link keeps being removed by Google

Hi there,

we have two webflow sites that are being removed constantly by google from the Google MyBusiness entry. Google doesn’t give us any information why this happens - seem to be an algorithmic/ automatic thing.

The URLs are registered with two different registrars - so that can’t be the problem.

I removed the default URL now, to see if that helps.

One thing I recognise is that in contrast to all other webflow sites we’ve published - both of the sites that have the problem with google do have 3 publishing domains - the webflow subdomain, the root domain and the www. subdomain.

With all other sites we only had two - the webflow subdomain and the www. subdomain.

Does anyone have a tipp what the problem might be ?

Hmm, could it be that Google has indexed your domain and now sees your new “real” domain as a duplicate of if?

subdomain indexing is disabled, so I would guess that’s not the problem.

Does anyone have an idea why this project has three domains it publishes to, instead of two ?

I do belief that this is where the problem lies…

Goes back to what you were saying with duplicates.

It was due to not making any of the added domains “default”