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Google Indexing: Project sites excluded

Hey, I hope some of you might help me out,

last year we published two webflow projects with custom domains and at first glance everything seemed fine. Eventhough the ranking was pretty bad, google had no problems with crawling and indexing both sites. We did not really worry about the bad ranking, due to the fact that apparently the sites were new and had no backlinks to that point.
Now, several months later, we had to recognize that google revoke both entries and according to the search console the properties are now excluded from the index, eventhough we haven’t changed anything in the settings. The crawling is still sucessfull, so the crawler do have access to both domains, but still google denies the indexing process.

Does anybody know what might have happened and how we can undo that?
I dont’t know whether this makes any difference but our projects are in german and the url are located in germany aswell.

Here is a link to one of both projects, both are equally setted up:

I’m thankful for any advice!