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Google Maps API - again!

Problem - You have exceeded your request quota for this API

Hi all, I am having a real problem with google maps api again.
When I check the developer option in Chrome I see I am getting the message

“You have exceeded your request quota for this API”

I have gone through the other posts in Webflow,
I have billing attached to the project in Google Console
I have unlimited requests allowed
My API key is correct.

So I am just at a loss - can anyone share any insight for me before I tear my hair out :slight_smile:

Anyone who can help?


did you restrict your API access to your domain only ? If not, you may have a valid API key but everyone could use it for their website too - which could be the cause of you getting over your Google Maps quota (you need to use Google Maps in quite an extensive manner to get over their free quota I believe.)

If you did not restrict your API key, I would create a new one, restrict it and delete the previous one.

Here is a stackoverflow thread aswell

Hope that helps.