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New User, stuck on Map API

Hello everyone!

I’m a little confused about the Google Maps Integration.
My live site:

Preview Read-Only link to my site:

Ultimately, I’m getting the “Oops!” message on my live site. Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Created my Google Maps JavaScript API Key and added restricted access to that API via HTTP referrers.
  2. Added the Google API for Maps, Places, etc. to my dashboard under APIs & Services (Google Cloud Platform)

Do I need to insert Java script into the code like I’ve read online? I’m just confused here.

I’ve done everything listed here: and MORE. :slight_smile:

Any direction appreciated.



(Sheepishly) Do I have to setup a billing account with Google in order to let it query against my “property”? If so, I haven’t done that. Thought putting a map on your site would be free…

Ok, I just did that, now it shows up, AFTER setting up billing. Did everyone else have to setup billing for their Maps API to work on their website? There wasn’t anything about that in the configuration steps.

Hi Jonas,

The Google Maps API used to be free and didn’t require setting up billing. That has since changed (can’t remember the exact date, but approx. 18mths ago?), and now you need to have a billing account, as the API usage is no longer free in an unlimited usage way. Google does provide a free tier usage amount before it will start to charge.

The number of API requests (in the free tier) are quite high (relative for a standard map on a website), so in effect usage will be free.

You can expect to receive an invoice from Google Cloud Computing for the Maps API usage, usually with a zero balance payable.

Hope that helps.

Strange, it wouldn’t let me get past the hurdle without adding billing. It kept saying I was at 1 of 1 requests until I added it, then it immediately worked.

Maybe the limit is down to 1 now?


Yes, without the ‘Billing stage’ the API will not return a result.
But still plenty of usage for ‘Free’

I checked out your live site and the map loaded all ok.

Here’s the info from the Webflow University link(as above)

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Ah! Makes sense, thank you.

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Awesome :sunglasses: