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[RESOLVED] Google Maps JavaScript API in Google API Console - Project Limit?

Hi everyone,

So recently Webflow had to change the way maps are collected from Google.

I now have an issue where I have reached my project quota limit (I currently have 12 projects). That is pretty lame I’d say! I have spoken to their support and was pretty useless.

Does anyone else have this issue? I imagine there is a few of us with multiple projects that use Google maps.


Hey Matt, the way that we’ve dealt with this is to consolidate multiple sites into the same project (e.g. “Client Sites”). Since the 25,000 per day map load limit is unlikely to be reached by any one of your clients (all webflow sites combined were something like 250,000 map loads per day, and that was hundreds of thousands of projects), you can reuse the same API key across all of your hosted projects - and only break out to individual projects/accounts if a particular website starts reaching anywhere close to the daily limit. Does that make sense?

Ah, I see, so to clarify, you can use the API key for different websites? Google’s support said I shouldn’t do that.

Yes :slight_smile: You can safely keep multiple projects under one API Key and - as Vlad suggested - only break a site into separate group if it’s somehow hitting the limit.


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