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Google Maps Java Script


I noticed today there is a java script error for this website. How can this be corrected?

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Oh the error is for the google Map.

This error looks like a Webflow issue and seems to be system wide.

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I just came to the same conclusion and was wondering if I should email support.


Checking the error in the Chrome Javascript inspector says that the Google Maps API has exceeded their daily usage limits. Time to upgrade… Hopefully that means it will be fixed quickly.

Yes, Quickly would be nice.

Thank you.

Hi @MarketingSVI, thanks for the post.

Google now puts rate limits on free plan usage of google maps, and after the quota is reached, your own Google API key is needed for continued usage of the maps from Google.

Take a peek here at the quotas and pricing plans that were announced by Google.

Here is a little more information on manually using an API key in an embed:

There is work in progress to implement a solution to manage the API key from project settings and as soon as there is an update, I will post that info immediately.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you Cyberdave.

Hi @Cyberdave,

I guess I’m a bit confused - are you saying that we need our own Goole API key for maps? I JUST implemented a map solution - it’s not even live on production yet, and it’s failing to render. Are you saying that I exceeded my quota, without so much as a few glances/loads on test, for an out-of-the-box Webflow product that I must now pay for out of pocket? Given @SpecularDesign’s observation, are you saying that we area all on Webflow’s “free” plan, and that your team is implementing a solution that takes your marketed “pre-built maps component” and retroactively converts it to an a-la-carte feature to, so off-load the financial burden onto webflow customers? I hope I’m misunderstanding your reply.

This would be Horrible policy, and terrible precedence. I sincerely hope that’s not the nickel-and-dime approach we can expect for this or any future issues premised on Webflow’s lack of foresight.


  • Derek

Hi @Derek_vdS, @SpecularDesign and @SpecularDesign, the maps should be working again, however you may need to republish the site.

Regarding the Google Maps API key usage, there is some work underway in this area and more info should be available in the coming week.

Let me know in case of any issues with maps after republishing.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Derek_vdS, @SpecularDesign, @MarketingSVI, I wanted to provide an update with new information on Google Maps, see here:

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@cyberdave, I updated according to the instructions regarding the use of personal Google Maps API, but now a Javascript error appears on the page ( What can I do?

Getting that same error on my websites (and probably others are too), so guessing this is something that will be fixed shortly.

Hi @dustdog and @bonsaikitten, thanks for the report, I am checking into this and will get back to you with an update when I have it.

Hi @Derek_vdS, @SpecularDesign, @MarketingSVI,

We just updated the article for the guide on how to enable the Google Maps API as there were some steps that were easy to miss in enabling the API key. Could you recheck from steps below and then republish the site, and let me know if the issue persists?

Please visit this page within the Google Developers Console and follow the instructions within Step 2 from this help site article.

After enabling the API within Google your maps should be up and running without any issues.

Please let me know if this solves the problem, if not, I’m happy to help further.

Hi @cyberdave, followed the instructions more detailed. Thanks for that, because it’s working now. I can also confirm that Google’s UI and logics are still not for me :wink:

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