Quicker indexing

My client told med that he posted an article on his website last week and that it still hadn’t indexed in Google. I’ve looked at Google Search Manager and it says that the URL has indexed, but I also checked site:website.com and couldn’t find the URL. His previous website was made in Wordpress and was technically terrible, but for some reason it indexed extremely fast. How can I fix this issue? Do I need to do something extra in Google Search Manager or other tools in order to make it index quicker?

As soon as the article is posted on the site, going into Google Search Console and manually submitting the URL for indexing is always good practice. Other than manually submitting for indexing, there’s not a lot more you can do. For my company site, from experience, Google was slow to index in the beginning, but a year later, and after regular weekly content uploads, it indexes pages in a matter of minutes/hours. So keeping quality content upload regular is also a good tip!

Edit: manually submitting the Sitemap URL may also help. No harm in doing this, so I’d also recommend doing this regardless if it hasn’t been done already.