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Google Analytics tracking twice...once in the Tracking ID field and once from Google Tag Manager

I’ve implemented Google Tag Manager into the custom code section of my webflow site settings. My GTM includes a trigger to record pageviews for Google Analytics.

I also have the UA-XXXXXX ID in the Google Analytics Tracking ID field under the integrations tab in webflow settings.

It appears that I’ve been recording my traffic twice (??). The pageviews, bounce rate, and entrances don’t seem to add up correctly. I haven’t had much luck finding other articles with this situation.

What’s the best way to go about minimizing that duplicate traffic:

  1. Remove the Tracking ID from the field under the integrations tab and keep my pageviews trigger in GTM
  2. Remove my Pageviews trigger in GTM and keep my tracking ID information in the field under the integrations tab.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure it necessarily matters which way you do it. But definitely do one or the other. If you have specific behavior you are tracking with the code from GTM then remove the tracking ID from webflows integrations tab.

Also welcome to the Webflow community :slight_smile: @hannahsvendor


Sorry for the late reply, Austin! We did exactly this…seems to be resolved! Thanks for your help :smile:

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Awesome! Glad to hear it resolved the issue.