Google adwords conversion tracking not tracking accurately

I’m using “the google tag” to track conversions from Youtube ads, added as code in the Custom Code section of webflow, but the conversions are not tracking accurately. SOME conversions are tracking, but not all of them.

I tried putting my google tag code into the Google Analytics section of the Integrations tab on webflow, but it is rejected because it’s not a “UA” tag. My conversion tag is AW-1099078****

The Google Tag Assistant shows that my tag is tracking correctly, but I am not seeing accurate “conversion” stats in my google / youtube ads account. I know this because I am tracking sign-ups via my auto-responder which shows at least 2x the number of sign-ups that show in my google conversion tracking.

I’ve searched all the threads on this topic and not found any solutions. Can someone help?

FYI, this is the code (AW tag edited)

Modern browsers often block Google tracking scripts. I use self-hosted matomo on subdomains for clients sites that I need honest tracking for. I have found a a significant difference and no longer rely on GA for real numbers.

Thanks Jeff, I’ll look into Matomo. I don’t suppose there’s a way to connect it with google somehow so that I can see which of my keywords are converting…?