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Google Analytics and ActiveCampaign integrations

Hello there!
I can’t quite figure out the Google products integration.
I am using ActiveCampaign form (just a simple JavaScript embed) and I would like to track the form submissions (Google Analytics events) and unfortunately I can’t find the right way to do it.

I integrated Google Analytics code last week and it was working fine in terms of basic metrics, but the GA’s code before tag to track the form submission does not work.
Then my designer suggested to install Google Tag Manager (which we don’t really need I feel like since we are integrated with GA on Webflow integration page) and so she did. She put it in inside tag last Sunday. And what it did is that since then the average session duration in GA is shorter than 1 second. I think that codes are conflicting and I feel like there have to be a simple solution for that.
Thank you folks so much in advance if you decide to help me with this one!