Global Settings Page / Dynamic Gallery, Lightbox & Forms / Add & remove class interaction / Font Antialiasing / File Upload

Hi Guys,

here are some wishes:

1.) Global Settings Page

I think currently it is a little bit difficult for a normal custumer (wich buys a webflow template) to change all colors, typography, etc. on one tempalte. It would be great if there is an global settings page, where you can change variable colors, typo, etc. with one field (like the most Wordpress Theme Settings). So it would be very easy to change general style settings.

##2.) Dynamic Forms
It would be great, if the forms are dynamic. For example, if you have a “products” collection and you want to insert a “product inquiry” formular it isn´t possible to get the product names for an dropdown (and /or the price of an product). With the feature you´ll get a small e-commerce touch, and there are many more uses for that.

##3.) Dynamic Galleries and Lightboxes (CMS)
I think this point definetly stands on the webflow todo list, but i post it anyway :blush:.

##4.) Add & remove Classes with Interactions
I think this is self-explanatory. :>

##5.) Font Antialiasing
The most fonts looks much better with antialiasing.

##6.) File Upload
A small file uploader for PDF´s would be great. I got a customer and he needs to upload pdf´s on his page and now I have to outsource the file uploader.

I´m pleased about your feedback.

King Regards


1.) Global Settings Page - well, i don’t think webflow will go in that direction
2.) Dynamic Forms - Agree
3.) Dynamic Galleries and Lightboxes (CMS) - Agree
4.) Add & remove Classes with Interactions - Actually this is not self-explanatory, what do you mean ?
5.) Font Antialiasing - well, i’m not 100% sure, but all the font´s seams great on my screen
6.) File Upload - Agree

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He means standard interaction design: adding or removing classes based on user action. Typically, a state will be represented by class like, class="box" and then when clicked it becomes class="box open". The open modifier contains all the extra styles, like new width, height, opacity, etc. Currently, you have to assign each of these individually when doing interactions. But if I could just say, “click this and add this class”, then I can assign a bunch of transitions all at once.

This would make webflow AMAZING… Definitely +1