Give Users A Free Trial in Webflow Memberships

Is it possible to give users a Free Trial (one week, month, etc) with Webflow Memberships/Ecommerce alone? I know there are tools like Memberstack, etc - but I’m trying to investigate if I can make it all happen with just Webflow for the time being. Any thoughts would be appreciated! I tried searching in this Forum and didn’t find any other discussions on it.


It looks like I can set a Discount & Offer a coupon code, but that’s not exactly how I’d like to create a TRIAL. I’d rather just allow the users to sign up for that free/trial amount of time without providing credit card info and then have them notified, when that trial is over, to pay in order to maintain access to content.

Did you end up figuring out a way to add a free trial? I’m running into the same issue

You could allow them to enroll for a free membership, and time-limit it with automation. That would involve having a nightly automation run that would check the membership date, calculate the number of days, and disable memberships which are no longer relevant.

One way to disable is to delete the account, another is to revoke an access group for the free content.