How to Make First Month of Ecommerce Membership Free

We sell a membership where we ship one physical product a month. It costs $19.99. We want to offer a free trial where the first month is free and then $19.99 thereafter. We want it to automatically convert to a paid membership. Here is the ideal situation. The users inputs all credit card and shipping information to sign up for the first month for free. Then 30 days after, they would be charged $19.99 for the first time. From thereafter they would continuously be charged $19.99/month.

I have set up the $19.99/month charge but I don’t know how to make the first month free. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thank you

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I am not sure how to do this with Webflow native eCommerce, but you can do it with Memberstack super easily. Here’s how it looks :slight_smile:

Hi @Mason_Waters.
Josh with Foxy here. If you don’t get what you need with Webflow Memberships/Subscriptions, what you’re after is possible with our seamless Webflow integration:

Allow for free trials. Manage plans with CMS or manually without CMS. Embed a customer portal where subscribers can manage their subscriptions, view charge history, and more, all inside of your Webflow site.

Here to help if you have any questions or need help getting started: