Carrying long, linked lists from Google Sheets into Webflow CMS Blog Post

Hi there! I’m working on carrying over lengthy lists with hundreds (500+) of individual linked items from Google Sheets into Webflow CMS Collections (example below). The current solution involves several steps of copying and pasting within various document types to (1) preserve style / heading type (2) preserve the links. Is there a better way to bring linked spreadsheet items into CMS Collections?

Example: Let’s say I want to create a blog post using CMS Collections that focuses on different Webflow agencies across the globe. The original list, hosted on Google Sheets, consists of 500 Webflow agencies with direct links to their websites, broken into further category by location (again, just an example!). I want to share this via a blog post in a user-friendly format.

Currently, the methodology looks like:

(1) Copy and paste linked items from Google Sheets (where the master list is located) into a Word Document
(2) Disable the cell function (Layout —> Convert to Text) while keeping the linked items intact (which is why Word is being used)
(3) Copy and paste this list into Google Docs, numbering the list + inserting headings for categorization
(4) Copy and paste from this Google Doc list into Webflow CMS

While this solution works, it’s also very time consuming. Is there a work-around that I’m missing here? I’d be so grateful to try other, more efficient methods if so. A few items that have been looked into already if this information is helpful, as well:

  • Looked into embedding an Airtable form on the blog CMS, however it looks like the SEO could be affected if using this method.
  • Looked into having tables on Webflow, however it looks like these (a) need to be custom built / (b) can’t host all of the items.


(P.S. Please note that I’m not a web developer, and that the CMS Collections was created by actual web developers for client use on this end, so I’m using primarily the Editor function.)

Hi Amelia,

When we’re dealing with large lists, we often pull it dynamically from Google Sheets using javascript. It’s the best approach we’ve found for making those lists easily manageable by clients, while preserving complete formatting control in the website article.

It does require a bit of custom development though, and you’d need access to the designer in order to build that feature into your site.

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Welcome @orangestoapples321 :wave:

This is really easy to do, but gosh… you are very limited by your last statement.

If that wasn’t a limitation, just use Make (Integromat) to grab those links from Google Sheets, and stuff them into the CMS. Use a RichText field. Using the API you can convert something like this:

Into this:

<a href=''>Example Site</a>

…and have the CMS honor that.

The trick I use is to also stuff a class into it, so:

<a href='' class='agency-link'>Example Site</a>

Now you can use the Webflow Designer (not Editor) to apply styling to it.

This is all well beyond what you said you had access to, but, if you forward this to those that do have access, they can successfully hook it up.

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Michael, thank you so much for your reply. It’s great to hear that you’ve found a solution via javascript. Might you happen to have more information on this process? I also understand if this is a process you reserve for direct clients!

I want to clarify that I do have access to the Designer, however, to avoid disrupting the integrity of the website, I wonder if it would be best to try your method by cloning the site (unless, of course, this opens up a new host of difficulties).

Chris, thank you for taking the time to share this information. I want to clarify that I have access to the Designer, though as mentioned in a previous reply, I am hesitant to utilize it as I don’t want to disrupt the integrity of the website and all that has been built.

That being said, I am eager to learn, and am curious if there is a private way of duplicating the site that would also allow me to safely to test your method (it looks like Webflow has a clone function?). I really appreciate your help!

No problem. Yes, signup for a new, free Webflow account and use that account as your “test” project. To move things over, have two tabs open, one for each project, and simply copy and then paste from within the Navigator (left sidebar). You can copy / paste most everything from one project to another.

Update: bummer, the free plan doesn’t give you API access :frowning: You’d have to either purchase a CMS plan for a month or an agency plan (that gives you unlimited projects with API access).

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That makes sense. Would the Core plan suffice (“in-house teams”) or Freelancer? The Freelancer plan mentions “full CMS access” if that is what you mean by having a CMS plan. Otherwise, the Agency plan for a month could also be feasible to test this method :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing so much information with me. It’s been 10x more helpful than the many Google searches and tutorials I’ve gone through up to this point!

To clone your site, you simply duplicate it in the dashboard;
Note that your workspace plan determines the number of “unhosted” sites you can have, and this will create one more. If you’re on the starter (free) plan you can only have two unhosted sites so you may need to upgrade.


I can share a bit as much of it is now part of Sygnal Attributes, however this part of the library doesn’t have a lot of documentation for general public use.

I’d need to know more about what you’re trying to achieve regarding the source data and the final display result you want but here are some pieces;

Creating an HTML table from a live Google sheet data source;
View source on that page to see how to implement it.

All the basics are there, however in the new docs ( which does not support live code demos ), there is more information on the design of SA data sources, Google sheet data, and also macro expansion;

Gosh, some of their pricing plans are not too straightforward for me to understand to be honest.

I’ll give you an example of what does work. I have the “agency” plan that states “full CMS access”. That includes everything you need as I’ve described above. Access to the CMS, the CMS API (this is key), etc…

So it appears the cheaper “freelancer” plan under “for freelancers & agencies” would meet your needs.

What’s not clear to me is the “for in-house teams” option. I’ve never used or worked with anyone using those offerings. Nothing specifically states “full CMS access” so your best bet is to reach out to support and ask (if you think thats the better option for you).

Love it :smile:

I’m not sure about the duplicating a project approach. I think reaching out to support and asking if you get the same CMS options you already have (e.g. API access) exists when you do. It may be your best option if that’s the case and it doesn’t cause any disruption to your existing site - again, pose this question to support for the best answers.

You’re welcome :smile: happy it helps.

Michael, apologies for my delayed response. Thanks for much for taking the time to share more information. Your specificity on cloning helps a ton as do your free resources re Sygnal Attributes. Though still in the process of figuring out the best path forward, will owe it to you and this forum when, hopefully, things with the lists pan out!

Chris, apologies for my delayed response. Agreed that the pricing plans are not too straightforward and appreciate your willingness to help decode them with me. Will reach out to support! As mentioned in an earlier reply, though still in the process of figuring out the best path forward, I will owe it to you and this forum when, hopefully, things with the lists pan out!