Generate Redirect result URL in a form, depending on options selected - Only with webflow

Hi guys,

I’m trying to build a form with a dynamic results page, depending of the given responses.

Example :

Step 1 | Select your favorite animal :

  • Cats
  • Dogs

Step 2 | your favorite color :

  • White
  • Blanc

Step 3 | You lives in :

  • Paris
  • London

Question 4 :
Your name and email please

Validation page if you select cat / black /Paris (
Here the list of black cats in Paris

I think I can use CMS and collection to make the result appear, but I don’t known how to generate a link by filling the form. I’d like to use webflow only, I’m not a developer.

Do you have an idea ? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !!! :heart: