Using forms to populate different items form cms collection


I really hope that there is someone how can help me with my problem.

I’m trying to make a form/checkbox that the user will fill out. Depending on what they fill out and press submit, I would like for dem to end up on another page with a collection value depending on what they have filled out from the cms

so for example:

user fills out the form with 3 different options

  1. milk
  2. coffee
  3. the

next page - from the cms collection I have information about all three options. så if they pressed milk they would see information about milk. but if they chose coffee they would see information about coffee.

is this possible ?

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Yes but it’s a fair bit of effort. You’d need to first capture the form checkbox settings, then persist them in some way [ cookies, querystring, localStorage, etc ]. You’d forward them to the new page and then you’d need a script to filter the collection list there so that it shows only the data for the selected items.

A more common UI for this might be an accordion, where the user can expand those items to see the additional data on the same page.

Hi @Abdel_Hassan :wave: welcome to the forum.

This is fairly straightforward.

But… you have to use a third party to solve it easily.

My goto is Make (Integromat), they have an ample free tier and it’ll do everything you need.

Here’s the high-level overview (if you’re interested).

Using a native Webflow form, with whatever checkbox options you desire, you submit that directly to Make.

Make grabs the submission and gives you the opportunity to look at which option was selected by the user.

Based upon that, you redirect the browser back to the page with the correct information on it.

So if they choose milk, submit the form, you automate Make to redirect them back to the milk page. Same goes for coffee, tea, etc…

Here’s a screencast walking you through the basics:

What’s not included in that screencast is the check for the forms checkbox option.

Just add a “router” module that checks for each of those options in the middle of your workflow.

Then route them to the “webhook response” module that redirects them to the correct page (milk, coffee, tea, etc…).

That statement :point_up: will make sense once you go through the tutorial above.

Once you get the hang of how these workflows are glued together, these sorts of complex problems become trivial to fix.

Hope that helps!