Create a form that, once submitted, redirect user to a specific (dynamic, CMS defined) URL

Hello everyone,

I have a form that works perfectly fine, the only thing is that I would like it to redirect the user to a specific page defined in a CMS element once the user presses the sumit button.

I’m aware of the functionality to send the user to a specific page:
The problem is that this feature would send the user to a single page no matter on what page the user is, whereas I need the form to send the user to a specific page based on the CMS page the form is in.

I don’t know if I’m clear enough, feel free to ask for more info.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hello @Marien

Can you share your read-only link?


Sure: Webflow - Analog Way Academy

Don’t mind the mess, I’m testing different solutions.

The idea is to send the user to a different stripe link depending on the CMS page they are on. The stripe link is defined in a field of the CMS element.

Thanks for sharing @Marien

Here’s what I will do:

  1. Add an embed right under the form

  2. Open the staging link and find the form html using inspect

  3. Right click and edit as html > copy code

  4. Add the code to the Webflow embed

  5. Find the redirect field and use dynamic fields to get the url

The only problem here is that your form exceeds the Webflow embed limit. Not sure for the next steps, but I hope this help you get somewhere.


I’ll study this and let you know, thanks for the help @PiterDimitrov!