How to make Search bar only with choosing categories and results on a new page?

Hello. I have a problem that I can’t solve already long time. It’s a “search” option.
I have CMS Collection items that are refered to “category” and “location”.

So the user of the website should:

  1. Select “category” from the dropdown
  2. Select “location” from the dropdown
  3. Push the “submit (search)” button and then the results should appear on A NEW PAGE. All results should be based on the same CMS Collection.

How to create such a “search”. Help me, please!

Finsweet’s CMS Filter and CMS Load More are what you need.

Regarding the “on a new page” part, that’s possible if you use their URL feature an duplicate / hide the filter fields, but… seems like a lot of unnecessary work to me. From a UX standpoint, consider using the same page with is more in line with the design of these tools also.

I said the client the same and explained that this is wrong. But he still want it that way :frowning: … And I’ve been struggling to do this already for a few days. Do you know maybe (or have an idea) how to do this on a new page? (how to organize CMS Collection on the “result page”) ? Thank you

Just what I’ve described above. You’ll have some research and scripting to do, but should work.
If you’re totally stuck, you can PM me, I do this type of work for designers.

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