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Creating content within Editor

I originally built a static site for a client within Webflow, and the client has recently requested CMS features to be added. Either I’m just missing something obvious here, or Webflow CMS is shockingly restrictive for collaborators…

Specifically, I was under the assumption that the client would be able to use the Editor to add basic content in addition to simple text and image edits. Here is a page the client is wishing to work on: The idea is to add another team member that matches the layout that already exists. Why is this not a simple matter of copying and pasting an existing div and then editing the content to match the new team member?

If creating a Collection is the only way to do this, then how would I go about doing this so that the dynamic list matches the styling I’ve previously created for the static page?

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This is a simple matter if planned correctly. You’ll certainly need to use dynamic collections for the client to add and manage team members.

Build the team members collection with the appropriate fields first. Then add a dynamic list on to your page, add elements, bind them to the specific fields (name, credentials, image, etc), and use the same class names as the static design to save time.

Check out the CMS documentation here: