Google Analytics Delay for Cookie Consent


is there a way to delay google analytics for cookie consent (like it is possible for the facebook pixel)? Maybe even with using the same cookie banner (as described here:, so that with consent google analytics and the facebook pixel will load?


Thank you


I achieved what I wanted to do with the Google Tag Manager and Cookiebot, for anyone who’s interested I followed this tutorial:


To help the community with gdpr and user consent I’ve made this little solution, let me know if it helps.

Salut Clement,

Thanks for this solution. It looks nice.
I do have two questions to your solution.

  1. To create a Button to make it possible for a user to accept those cookies. Do I only need to create a div with a class (cookie-wrapper) and a button with the class (cookie-accept) and style and position it the way I like? That’s it? (it would be cool to add a quick webflow-tutorial on your page)

  2. how can I test that it works? The Button disappears, and stays hidden after a refresh…but - well. That’s not a real proof that nothing was sent to GA, GTM, FB or HJ or is it?

But I guess, I also need some privacy policy text somewhere on the site. Right?
To explain what my cookies are up to and stuff.

And will you also add YouTube on your list? Because if I’m embedding a YouTube Video it has 4 Cookies in it as well.

Hello Boris, thanks for your messages

  1. You can absolutely name any élément with a class or combo class .cookie-accept
  2. If it disappears and doesn’t show up when refresh it means the script worked, and if your IDs are correct, you can go to google analytics for example in the real-time traffic to see if you’ve been registered.
  3. The tutorials are coming :wink:
  4. Yes, on your privacy page you have to tell what service you are using to track stuff yes.
  5. The only problem with youtube is that the vidéo can’t load until the cookies are accepted and it’s natively in webflow … But if you have an idea or solution let me know I will put il in the options.

Hello Clément! @ClementJ

This looks like everything I was looking for…but your link is broken! :frowning:

Can you upload the link again? I would love this! :slight_smile:

Best regards for all your help!

EDIT: it is only your English language version that is not working. The French version looks fine.

Thanks @TerryHibbert, The page was in construction but for u I’ve lunch the English version juste now :wink:

:smile: :smile:

That´s great!

Just one question, is there an option / button for people to opt-out, or decline?

Many many thanks again!!

Thanks Terry ! It’s something I want to add in the future but I found those things to get in the way of the user most of the time so it will probably be an addition for later. And the button to opt-out would not stop the scripts right away, to work the user would have to opt-out and reload the page.