GDPR compliant cookie banner integration

I am looking for a cookie banner integration that both looks great (customizable) and actually works (automatically blocks cookies until user opts in) and is fully GDPR compliant. Can somebody please help me out?

It looks like there are either cookie banner integrations that look great but technically are not working (not blocking cookies) OR they work technically but look terrible and are not customizable at all.

Would love to hear about new integrations for that specific issue. Thanks!

Take a look here

Can it be integrated in webflow… I only see a wordpress plugin…

Hi Guys,

I have found a great solution, especially useful for all european webflow customers that create websites for clients that need a GDPR-compliant cookie opt in.

Use Cookiebot. The default version looks horrible, but if you customize it via CSS, it looks great. You can take a look at the customized version on my Website Ramoser Webdesign.

The greatest thing about cookiebot is the fact that it actually works (it really blocks cookies, and it does it automatically AND it really is GDPR compliant) and it is FREE.

The biggest problem for me so far was that every cookie-integration was quite expensive (especially if you want to customize the style) or it didn’t block the cookies the right way.

If you have any questions regarding this or want to customize the cookiebot banner, feel free to contact me.



Thanks a lot Armin,
your integration is way better than the default version! I may come back to you for some advice if your offer still stands :wink:
thanks for sharing

Hi Armin!

I also need a GDPR. But you say if we take Cookiebot, we have to customize it via CSS. How do I do that? I need this version in danish.
Thank you for help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi Armin - I have applied the free Cookiebot banner to my website, however it’s not picking up GA cookies. Do you know how I can enable it to do this as it’s a GDPR requirement? Many thanks Sara

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If you feel, as I do that this needs to be a core element of webflow, please add your vote to the webflow wishlist item below, thank you!