Fullpage.js page scroll not working on live website

hi everyone,

i have been working on creating a full page scroll website and finally completed it and connected my domain to it.

When previewing on .io page it works perfectly (http://full-page-full-of-beans.webflow.io/) but for some reason full page scroll doesn’t work on live webpage (www.fullofbeanssnacks.com).

Could somoene please help? I’ve worked so hard on this page!

Kind regards,


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Jack,

For me, fullpage.js works on both domains.

Hi Vincent, thanks for checking.
It doesn’t in mine and I check both on google chrome. I also just checked it in IE and the same.
Any suggestions?

Hi Jack,

Both also work for me. I’ve checked them with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

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Hi Semih, great thanks!
May I just confirm my understanding with fullpage.js?
When you say fullpage.js is working, do you mean each time you scroll down, a full page scroll is occurring, right?
I am just so surprised that it is not working for me and I don’t know why!


Try to empty all caches for all browsers, try to play it in an incognito window, try to play it in another Windos user session. Something may happen locally on your side, preventing the js to play. Do you see errors in the Chrome console?

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Hi Vincent, something interesting happened. At first it didn’t work but then I realised that the page is not working as fullpage.js as google thinks there is unsafe content. Screen shot attached.

When you enable to show Not Secure site it works fine.

Why would this be happening?

I also just realised that when I enable the UnSafe Content, navbar links don’t work.
What am I doing wrong?

Ah, allright, your site is HTPPS, so all the resources you’re linking (js, iframes etc) must be on https hosting too, or your site will pop up as “unsecure”.

If you had no form on the page maybe Chrome wouldn’t label the site unsecure. I don’t know if the JS alone is enough to trigger the warning.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge but does HTPPS has something to do with SSL? If I disabled SSL on webflow, would that be a solution to overcome this problem?


HTTPS are SSL sites.

Hi Vincent, I just got the SSL certificate from my domain name provider but still, the website is till showing as unsecure.

I am so confused as to how to over come this issue. I had another page which I launched before and never had this problem. Maybe this has something to do with fullpage.js?