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Fullpage works on Webflow domain, but not my actual domain

Hey all,

I’ve successfully added Fullpage.js to my site and it works great. However, when I publish to my live domain (instead of, the Fullpage doesn’t seem to be working.

Here’s my code (note: I spaced out the script tags so that it would appear in this post):

if(screen && screen.width > 991) {
    document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src=""><\/script>');

$(document).ready(function() {
    css3: true,
    autoScrolling: true,
    fitToSection: false,
    fitToSectionDelay: false,
    scrollBar: true,
    easing: 'easeInOutCubic',
    easingcss3: 'ease',
    animateAnchor: true,
    loopBottom: false,
    loopTop: false,
    loopHorizontal: true,
    continuousVertical: false,
    continuousHorizontal: false,
    scrollHorizontally: false,
    interlockedSlides: false,
    resetSliders: false,
    fadingEffect: true,
    normalScrollElements: '#somesectionsID',
    scrollOverflow: false,
    scrollOverflowOptions: true,
    touchSensitivity: 5,
    normalScrollElementTouchThreshold: 15,
    bigSectionsDestination: null,

Not sure, but is it to do with the SRC?


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try changing the protocol of the script to https.

I’ve tried changing src=" to src=" but it didn’t seem to work. You’re right that my domain is https though.

EDIT: I got this working, I changed to and it works great. I guess this is what you meant by changing the protocol of the script to https, but for some reason this was marked as ‘solved’, but not by me – which should certainly not happen, because my issue was not solved.

Thanks for your help though!

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Ah, the host where the script is located on doesn’t support https. Try using a CDN instead:

Yep I had already said that this was sorted - I used

Appreciate the help though!