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Trouble implementing Javascript from codepen

Hey guys, I’m new here and pretty new to webflow, I am trying to implement this scroll distortion functionality into a webflow site. I have used a code embed to insert the HTML and then under page settings, I have inserted the CSS and JS however when I publish the site the JS does not function. I have attached images of the code below. Thanks in advance!

Are you using Chrome?
Webflow uses https - which means that there is a requirement to have to allow unsafe scripts.
Chrome has suddenly removed the “warning/option” to allow “unsafe scripts”.
Therefore any JS scripts will no longer function when publishing from Webflow using chrome.
If you use IE or upload to a seperate site away from Webflow - then I suspect it will work.
i have also posted about this - Chrome behaving badly - Help

hmm, that could be a problem but I tested it in safari with user agent set to Internet Explorer and it still doesnt work :thinking:

Can you provide a link?
You should also try it outside of webflow to make sure that’s the problem.

Thanks for the help Pete, here’s a read only link (is that okay?)

The published one would be easier.

Sorry about that, this should be good right?

Javascript will not work if you are just previewing the page.
You need to publish the page - Choose Publish from the top right hand corner.
This will then publish the page/site and show it as it would appear in a browsr.

My suggestion though (and I’m no expert) would be to first get this working outside of Webflow - so create the required page and upload it to your domain (assuming you have one) and see if it works as a normal webpage - then you can start looking at getting it to work from Webflow.

There is 100% a problem with javascript and webflow at the moment though as my sites no longer work and I’ve not touched them since before Christmas.