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Scrolling doesn't work on live-website

Dear webflow-community,

i started building a simple website with a vertical side-nav corresponding to several sections (by id). Everything works as expected in the preview mode, but when publishing to the live website it seems like scrolling is disabled. Also the local (exported) code doesn’t work as expected.

Here’s the link:

Could you have a look and help me out with that?

Cheers and many thanks in advance


When you click on Section 2, it doesn’t scroll because what it does is it makes the section 2 reach the bottom of the menu, and as the menu is as tall as the page, the section 2 doesn’t reach the viewport.

You have to properly set the menu up.

Select the menu

click those 2 options

Publish and test. Is your site working as expected now?

Unfortunately it’s still not working…navigating through the nav-links in the menu works but scrolling seems to be disabled.

Sorry. i didn’t even check the obvious…

You can’t put overflow:hidden on the body element. This prevents any site to scroll.

It’s listed in the most frequent solutions :wink: and here too

oh man, didn’t check that and couldn’t even believe to be that simple/stupid/whatever… :smiley:

thank you, vincent! :slight_smile:

been there :slight_smile: everyone has

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