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Fullpage.js ScrollOverflow not working

Hey guys, so i’ve wasted too many days in search for this issue.
Alvarro, that arrogant creator of fullpage.js only responded with bot emails to my questions.

Basically I want something like this: “
After a couple section and slides i want to create a long section to act as a normal scrolling site, and at the end to add again a 100vh section and sliders.

I did add the vendor libraries and added scrollOverflow: true; I did everything by the books, but it still seems to not be working. Never been so angry at the time wasted in vain, hope you guys are able to help me.
My share link:

Thanks a lot!

Hard to give you code solution by read only link.
(Hh no way to test the site like this).

Anyway start from codepen - create 100% working example and only than implement this on Webflow (easier flow. Live sync. Debbug and so on).

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Sorry, my unprofessionalism to not fully understand how code sharing works.
So as I see if I do not upgrade to a account plan I cannot export my code, and in turn won’t be able to solve the issue? I only have site plans.

No the issue is that with a read only link, we can’t test “custom code”, because this code is only active on the published site.

I had try to put Fullpage in my portfolio too, but in the end, I ended using a full webflow technic cause I also had issues.

Basically I use the interaction “Scroll intoview”, a tiny div serv as trigger, and when it scroll into view, I resize the active section to 0.1vh and mask it’s content.
see here

I only use it for my upper section tho, not sure it would work with several section stacking on each other.

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Great site, and thanks for responding.
I have doubts your method will work, like you said, for multiple sections stacked on top of each other. Will try it nevertheless. I think I will wait for some other professionals (like yourself) opinions, and maybe something can be done about it. If not I will just change the total structure of the site and redesign. For Alvarro to try to help me thru email, I need to purchase some business license worth 119£.

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I found this great codepen

Exactly what I would need.
Embedded it into the site and it works! But when i tried to recreate it with all webflow it did not again, I am frustrated. It worked with the codepen code but not with webflow

@Ion_Brinzila, sorry to cut in on your post…

@Philemon, could I trouble you to tell me if there’s a guide I can reference, please? The effect of the site you link to is exactly what I would like to achieve.

Hey @Andy_Vaughan, I made that website myself. Also I must confess that is working fine for me but is probably not the cleanest solution.
And I have not made a guide but I’ll see if I can find some time to make a screen record for you, explaining it, just started a trip to Colombia today, so I’ll see when I manage to find a bit of time to that for you.

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Hey @Philemon, thanks for the reply! That would be awesome if you get a chance, but I totally understand if you don’t get time. I managed to set an Interaction to collapse the section on scrolling down, however I couldn’t seem to get it to un-collapse which was a bit annoying!