Full width Problem! how to give the container the full width of it's parent?

how to give the container the full width of its parent(navbar), please?

I’ve tried even the 100% VW and the container still in its place!!

I want it to take the full width so that I can give him the right margin with 26px also to be aligned with the header’s content, is that the best logic?

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Container 2 is a container component, you need to swap it out for a div and add the same class.

The container component has limits on the width that you can not change.

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@Patrick_Geider ya ya sloved brother!!

but forgive me, a new issue appeared:

I gave the navbar the flex display with “space between” justify and expected
to push the brand & nav menu to the edge,
is there a solution?

Sorry for the late reply. I normally solve this by putting an “auto” margin on the left side of the Nav Menu.

Got email notifications on, so I’ll be able to see if theres anything else :slight_smile: