How can I make my nav bar as wide as my box?

Hey Webflow Community!

The whole content of my website is in a 1350 px container. For some reason, my nav bar doesn’t want to extend all the way to the corner of this container.

I’ve tried endless things. Do you have a fix for me?

Thanks a lot!


picture for clarification:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Julian Being
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Try adding max width of 100% to your .c-header__container element.

It looks like this being a Webflow Container element that’s restricted in width by default.

That was it! Thank you so much!
Can you explain to me why I need to set a minimum width for the element to fill the space?

This helps me to fix something similar next time by myself. :slight_smile:

It is MAXIMUM width you should to overwrite, not minimum.

As per the Webflow University article I’ve linked to there is a maximum width that Webflow have set to containers. This is just to give a ‘better’ toolset to newer people, I reckon.

By default, the Container element is automatically responsive. But sometimes you want a wider container instead of the default maximum width (940 pixels).
Container | Webflow University

Ah, I actually set the maximum width.
Thanks for helping me out!