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Full width navlinks

Hi, how can I make the navlinks full width?
It have a margin even if I set 100% or 100vw


Only-read link:

If you wish to style a nav element you need to give it a class. The default component has basic styling.

Thank you for the response. I actually did it, feel free to check the only-read link:

did you succeed or not? :slight_smile:

No I didn’t, still trying to figure it out. Where am I doinng wrong?

The container element is the issue. Drag a container on the page then look at it in the tablet breakpoint. You can replaced that element with a div, styled the way you want.

Thanks again, but it did not work either.
Here my read only link:

Can you figure out what I am missing? :exploding_head:

EDIT: It works, now! I had to close and open again the menu to see it.

Thanks a lot!