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Navbar: justify-content space-between

Hey everyone

I’m trying to have my navbar text evenly positioned within a maximum 1100px div, without any additional space on the far left or far right.

I have tried using flexbox space-between, but I can’t get it to work:

The navbar links should end up looking like this in the end, with the navbar’s full width intended to match the full width of the content:

Not your fault, that’s a long time bug: you can’t expect the Flexbox Justify rules to work well if the Flexbox element is a Webflow Container element.

But that’s ok: revert the Container from Flexbox to Block, put a div in the Container, put all the links in the div, make the div width 100%, and finally give Flexbox to the div and apply your — now working — Justify rule.

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Thanks, problem solved!

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