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Container in a grid, cannot adjust margins. Other solutions? And navbar not full width

Hi everyone
I have put a container in my grid so that all the elements (heading, paragraph and button) would be nicely aligned, as suggested in a tutorial (the button however is not nicely aligned, why?)

I have now the isse that I cannot move the grid to the right, adjusting the margins of the grid. What I want to achieve, is to align the content of the grid to the navbar item “How it works” as shown in the screenshot.

Second problem I am experiencing, my navbar is not full width. What could be the reason?
Many thanks!

In order to avoid this behaviour and be able to control the content completely avoid using container and instead use normal div block, just make sure that you style your other breakpoints correctly.

Hi @aaronocampo
thanks, container removed!

Could you pls give me a hint also about the navbar, which is not full width? Where did I go wrong?

Many thanks again!

Same thing @francesca_aliotta, remove the container of the navbar.