How comes with paying plan I can not add cms items any more

I pay for my account : 10 projects, but now I get a popup I need to pay again 16dollars… this is wrong I thing? How comes?
Thanks to help me out

Your Account plan allows you to have unlimited sites on Enhanced Staging. Enhanced staging is limited to 50 CMS Items. In order to lift CMS restrictions of a site on free or enhanced staging, you need to pay for the hosting of this site by choosing a Site Plan.

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Hi @vincent , I have a question I can’t find and answer for on the forums, I thought you may help me on this. If you have a site plan but wish to complete the cms and site before connecting to a domain is that posible?. Will I have under staging more than 50 cms items once I pay my site plan?. And finally, afterward I connect to the the domain will I be able to publish only on staging in order to try updates, having more than 50 cms items?.

Of course. First, if you have an Account Plan, you can start an unlimited number of CMS sites for free, with all limitations lifted, except for CMS Items, limited to 50, and no Collaborator (Editor) seat.

What really lifts all the power of the CMS is a Site Plan. However, Site Plan doesn’t necessarily mean connected to Custom Domain. You connect the custom domain when you want, or not at all. You could run a pro CMS site on the domain.

Simple answer for you: start for free, pay the Site plan when you hit a limitation, connect the custom domain when you’re almost ready to publish.

Alternatively, pay the site plan, connect the custom domain, craft a Coming Soon page and make sure everything you work on isn’t connected to the homepage (also you can use passwords for pages).

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Thanks awesome. So then obviously once the site is connected and I wish afterwords to do an update I can publish to the domain first in order to test changes.

Yes, of course, you can have only 1 page published on the com and all the dev on the .io, protected by the no-robot settings in site settings (and a password if you want).

That’s why it’s better to not call the site the same name for the .io, so there’s no possible unwanted discoverability.

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Understood, thanks man!!!

You’re very welcome, anytime.

Try to see if solves your questions about hosting and plans. I will try to add a section with clear use cases — like yours — and appropriate strategies.

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