Webflow Pricing Plan Question

Hey there,

I am pretty new to Webflow. I have one question related to the Pricing Plans.

Currently, I have “Lite” account plan where I have 3 projects. I am about to remove one, so as a result, I won’t need this Lite plan anymore. I want to use Starter (which is free).

Both of my existing websites are using CMS.
Will I be able to keep the CMS feature on my existing websites? It won’t disappear after switching to Starter?

Thanks in advance

No, but you’ll be limited to 20 CMS items per site. Staging while paying a plan is called Enhanced Staging, and has a limit of 50. So in terms of staging (staging is hosting on a Webflow.io domain, without paying for a Site Plan), you’re going to go from Enhanced to Free.

Check all the differences here: Understand Webflow Pricing: Sites & Accounts Plans

Hey Vincent
Thanks for the detailed reply.
It helped me a lot.

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