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Ability to remove the unsubscribe form your own form notifications

I’ve had several clients suddenly have their email addresses disappear from the settings/forms “Send form submissions to:” field.
We’ve discovered from past forums that this occurs if the client accidentally clicks the ‘unsubscribe from notifications’ link in the email notification.

We cannot manually remove this - I see this has been requested to be removed on numerous threads since 2017.

Can you please remove this as an option - I don’t see why this is a thing, but now I’ve got angry clients (as have others) as form submissions have been missed (and valuable business) - the most important part of a website is to get leads and this is being ‘opted-out’ of accidentally!!

Welcome to the club.
You can vote here on the Wishlist to have the option removed and hopefully we may get a response within a year or two (if we are lucky) : Ability to disable Unsubscribe link from form | Webflow Wishlist