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Form Issue: Automatic Unsubscribe?

Hi, I’m having a problem with a form for one of my clients.
It keeps unsubscribing her from receiving forms although she is adamant that she’s not clicking the unsubscribe link.

Has anybody got any ideas how this could be happening?


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Hi @1960creative, there can be many reasons why a form is unsubscribed (i.e. added to a blacklist).

Clicking the unsubscribe link is one reason, but there are probably 30+ other reasons that are technical in nature related to the incoming mail server or mail address that can cause undeliverable emails and results in the email added to the blacklist.

To get the address removed from the Blacklist, please reachout to our support team from the contact form:

If the form submission notification is sent but the mail cannot be delivered, then the forms submission will show on the forms tab.

If there is any trouble with the form notification delivery to the mail address, then the email may be added to a blacklist which prevents further notifications.

​If the mail notice is unsubscribed from the mail notification itself, then the email address will be added to the blacklist.

Generally speaking, mails that begin with “info”, “sales” or some other non-personal name, i.e. a resource email box in the email address have a much higher chance of mail delivery failures, when that happens the email is added to the blacklist.

If the issue persists, I would use the built in Zapier integration to received and then send out form notification emails from Gmaiil or from Zapier.

Here is how to use Zapier with forms:

Here is how to forward a mail notification using Zapier:

Due to the nature of email transmission and the possibility that email notifications may not get received due to many external factors outside of Webflow, we cannot guarantee that a form submission notification that is sent will be received to the target mail address.

I hope this helps

Thanks Cyberdave, I think I can absorb all your useful information :slight_smile:

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