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Forms. Experience with Basin

Hello. Super simple request, hoping someone willing to jump in.

Need help making with Basin. Have a form that needs hosting on an external site.

Started with the link below, which was great, but submissions still not showing up.

Was asking the community but haven’t heard anything back, so willing to pay for the support if someone was familiar with the product, issues, etc.

Form submissions to third-party service with native interactions

I could take a look at it. Do you have a link to the page?

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Hi Joe…it’s actually working now!!! :slight_smile:

Maybe the Basin account just needed some time to become active. Thanks again for a great solution! Well done for sure.

I was going to start testing more on other browsers, etc. Have you ran into any issues, things to be aware of?

Great! I just sent through a test as well, and it appeared to work fine. I’ve not run into any browser compatibility issues yet, but I’m only using it on a handful of sites.

Cool, and thanks again Joe!

I’ll let you know if I come across any useful browser info

Joe, one more question. Have you ever run into problems where the Submissions lag behind.

Not working again, and the “only” thing I did was change the form name (nothing else. no the ID, etc.), and now back to getting “no” submissions?

I haven’t run into that. You might want to try removing my script and see if it works correctly without it. Then you can isolate whether the issue is with basin or with the way the script is sending data to them.

Please check your PM.

Yup, did that, and it turn out to be OE (Operator error). It seems that when I put a non-valid email address in the field, something without "" it would submit, but no submissions would show up.

Works fine with valid email address.

Thanks Again!