Form submissions not coming to my email

I’ve been having ongoing issues with the basic form, where the emails are not sent to my end when a site visitor submits the form. It usually works for about two months and then it stops. I email webflow support, they ‘fix’ it and it works for a while and then it stops again. On the email server side of things everything is working fine, there has been no issues with my email account. I’ve also changed the email to a ‘personal name’ rather than a generic as webflow suggested, but that stoped working just now after two months of working fine. This has been going on for a while now.
Any suggestions, would be very thankful.

We moved all of our clients away from Webflow’s form handling solution. It’s been too unstable, too poor at SPAM handling, and has the added problems of the unsubscribe link and unbrandable email notifications.

We chose Basin on the recommendation of @webdev and it’s been fantastic. It costs a little bit, but you can run multiple clients on the same account under different projects and that works well for us.

If you are using Webflow’ success & error messages, we’ve built a way to use those as well with a NOCODE attributes-based library.