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File upload + Native Form Settings + Interaction for Third Party Forms i.e. (UseBasin)

Third party form endpoint (i.e. with all Webflow native settings.:

  1. File upload
  2. Redirect
  3. Waiting Text
  4. Show native Success / Error Message (courtesy of Joe Hohman)

Live demo -

Cloneable Showcase -

JSFiddle of script used -

For more info on setup see original post here

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Really great, I was looking for something like this! But I got a problem and I hope you know how to solve it. I cloned your project en linked it to my Basin account, but when I test the form I only see the name, emailadres and the message. The files wont show up on Basin. Any idea why?

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I don’t know - keep testing it. Do it again from start to finish. Check that your basin account type supports file uploads.

Also, read all the comments from this thread.

I’ve just tested it on my end and it worked (see screenshot below)