Form's action don't let me redirect to thanks page


I’ve integrated hubspot to a form with an URL in the action field of it. Now, I want to redirect to a thanks-for-contact-us page after submitting the form, but it doesn’t work.

I tried removing the hubspot integration link from the action field and it redirect correctly.

Can I make these two actions work at the same time?


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This post mentions that redirect only works with the standard Webflow action. Looks like if you want to redirect with the Hubspot action you either need to:

  1. Change the Hubspot action to include a redirect
  2. Using custom code - Intercept the Webflow form submission and preform your action + redirect there.

If you cannot change the Hubspot action let me know and we can work up the code you need.

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Hello, learyjk.

Thanks for the reply.

I can’t change the hubspot action actually.

So, I think that I need an eventListener, but I’m not sure.

You can use Byteline no-code platform to redirect easily. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a Byteline flow with Webhook trigger and API Connector tasks.
  2. Configure the Trigger node to redirect to the thank you page
  3. Configure the API Connector task to submit to Hubspot forms.
  4. Point the Webflow form to submit to the Byteline flow using the URL from the Byteline Webhook.

Thanks for the answer @dpstechy!

I get an error that I don’t know how to solve.

Appreciate if u could guide me

thanks in advance

Looks like you’re missing the request body in Byteline’s API Connector task. I have sent you a Loom video to your email with the details.

That’s spot on thanks for posting this @learyjk

Another option is to post to Hubspot via Make/Integromat with a Webhook.

  1. Create a Make Webhook
  2. Add the Make Webhook URL to your forms actions
  3. User submits form to Make
  4. Make posts to Hubspot (and does whatever you need)
  5. Create a Make Webhook response that allows you to redirect the web browser wherever you want it to go.

I’ve got some tutorials for this and the Make solution if you want to explore more, just let me know.

This issue keeps coming up. I made a video which shows how to get any form functionality you want using Finsweet’s Form Submit Attribute. And here’s the video: Webflow Forms: Any CRM, Totally Customized (No Code) - YouTube

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Nice video, and interesting approach @learyjk thanks for sharing that!

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