Issues with Hubspot detecting Webflows forms

Hi there,
I do not know why but I noticed that Hubspot has started to detect consistently all the leads that complete the forms in our website. We have a form on several pages : home + each producto page.
We’ve looked into it and we are unable to find the cause of this error.

Have you experienced this kind of issues?
Alternatively, it is easy to integrate a Hubspot form in our Webflow website?
I am not sure I am ready to use Zapier for that.
What are your pros and cons?

here is the read-only link to our project: Webflow - New Site Beam

Here is our

The nature of your problem was not clear to me. Can you elaborate on it?

As for running HS forms on a WF site you can follow the directions here =-> Set up and style a HubSpot form on an external site

Sorry I mistyped.
We are using native Webflow forms and Husbspot has been able to detect those forms without any setting nor coding, it was like magic.
But since about 2 to 3 month we started to notice that many times those leads (form completion) are not detected by Hubspot.
But now that you are saying it, I think that neither Webflow is confirming the form completion.
So the problem is within Webflow forms.
We are using a setting in Webflow forms to forward the lead to a demo account that we create for them just after completing some other fields in a register page form
Those settings are :
The url in the Action field is : Beam Web App
and the method is GET

May be the issue is regarding this method

When you change the action of a form to an external URL then Webflow is not handling form processing at all. Your external URL is.

Thanks for this very precious information Jeff.
So what can we do? What are the solutions?
Do we need to erase the Form and add a new one and then set it with those parameters?

So I have checked and effectively it works fine with the redirect URL instead of Action.
The question that we have now is: How can we drag and forward the data from the form on the webpage to the form on our Register page ?