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Form Submit, Action URL to Integromat, Redirect URL not working


I have a webflow hosted site with 2 forms. I have integrated with Integromat which
creates a webhook url that I enter into the “Action” field of the form settings.

The form and data collection all works, the only issue is that it redirects the person submitting the form to the webhook too which, is a white page with the message “accepted”. Is it possible to redirect the client to another page other than the webhook? The standard redirect in the form settings does not work.

Are you using the web hook to send data to integromat?

I would recommend using the webflow integromat conmector. No need for a webhook, it is always listening for form submissions.

Then you can remove the webhook from the form action and add in your redirect URL there.

Hope that helps.

Hi Drew,

Thank you,

I was using the webhook address of the integrated webhook, as it saves the Webflow form submission, amd allows the password field to work.

However I have changed this now to what you have suggested. Just needed some tweaking on the Integromat side as I have 2 forms on the site and 2 integromat<>Webflow connectors in 2 different scenarios (Integromat Automations).

Still I find that it should allow redirect and action url, others may not host their site in webflow and export it, where this workaround will not work.

If anyone knows a custom code workaround please do let me know.

Thanks again.

Take a look at this article:

There is a section on Responding to Webhooks.

You can set a 303 redirect on your webhook and then specify the URL you want it to redirect to.

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Ah, finally figured it. Instead of using the dedicated Webflow Webhook, I created, as you suggested, a standard webhook, which I could then create webhook responses with 303 redirects. All works now.

Thank you very much Drew!

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Hey Alex!

Do you mind posting a screenshot of your Integromat set-up? I’ve been trying to use a standard webhook with all variations of 3XX redirects, to no avail.

@Benjamin_Parker here is one of mine if it’s at all helpful…